Horn Lane Pollution - It Is Getting Better Says Council

And produce graph showing air quality is improving

Following the news that pollution around Horn Lane has been recorded as being the worst in London, Ealing's ruling administration is seeking to reassure local residents.

After being criticised by Conservative opposition spokesman Councillor Phil Taylor, Labour's member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Bassam Mafouz, has sent this response:

'' We are taking air quality seriously at Ealing and in particular the concerns around the pollution levels at Horn Lane.  That is why we have put in a bid for £400,000 and set ourselves up as an 'exemplar' borough for Air Quality in Ealing.  Shamefully, Cllr Taylor opposes these steps.

''Alongside this we have a meeting with the Environment Agency and an Air Quality Summit on Horn Lane with all the relevant parties.  We are looking to hold meetings with residents to ensure they are involved and have already held one with West Acton Residents Association representatives.

''PM10 levels have dropped quite considerably in recent years as per the graph, which shows that action has been taken, which we have been closely monitoring and taking enforcement where neccessary as well as seeking to tackle congestion issues.''






23rd May 2013


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