Derwentwater is A 'Good' School

Latest Ofsted inspection shows improvement from two years ago


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One of Acton's packed primary schools has passed it's Ofsted report with flying colours.

Derwentwater on Shakespeare Road - which currently teaches over 700 children - has been declared by a Government inspector as a 'securely good school'.

This result has led to a huge sigh of relief from teachers and governors - in July 2009 the school was only given a 'satisfactory' rating so it was crucial that improvements were made.

The report(pdf) praises the Head for having 'successfully raised the expectations of staff and pupils.'

There is also relief at the school as it is no longer being considered for permanent expansion.

Sophie Harrowes, Chair of Governors, has informed parents that the Council has told them that West Acton will be taking in more pupils instead:

'' Whilst we were keen to make the most of opportunities to improve Derwentwater's facilities, there is a certain sense of relief that we do not have to plan for the disruption that a building project of this scale would most certainly cause.''

She notes however that the Council hasn't ruled out expansion at a later stage.

She continues:

'' We should all be proud to celebrate our Good school today. As the Ofsted inspectors noted ' the capacity for further improvement is secure' and the schools' governors, leadership team and staff will continue to work towards ensuring that each and every child that comes to Derwentwater will have the very best education that we can deliver.''






February 13, 2012

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