Twyford Crossing On Its Way

New road safety measures nearing completion


After a long and hard fought campaign by local residents - supported by South Acton's councillors - the new Uxbridge Road crossing at the junction of Twyford Road is about to come to fruition. The preliminary work on the long-promised crossing by Tesco on Uxbridge Road has now started with a hoped for completion date by the end of this month.

The new puffin crossing, close to the junction with Twyford Avenue, is expected to not only make it much easier, but more importantly, much safer, for people to cross this busy road with a local parade of shops and the Tesco Express store.

Puffin crossings have built in detectors which can see if people cross slowly (for example due to pushchairs) or quickly and adjust the crossing time as a result. That means people can cross with limited hassle and drivers should not be inconvenienced as the flow of traffic can move on once pedestrians have crossed.

Speaking on behalf of all three local Labour councillors cllr Mik Sabiers said: “I’m really pleased that work on the crossing is finally starting. I think it will be a real benefit to this part of Acton making it not just safer for residents - and children from the nearby school - to cross, but should also help the businesses on the local parade of shops.

“I, and my fellow councillors, also want to praise the strong efforts and dedication of the local residents in working to make sure the crossing got not only the go ahead, but kept on the case to make sure it will be delivered.”


15th November 2010

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