Crackdown on Burglary in East Acton

Traceable liquid packs issued to residents

East Acton Safer Neighbourhoods Team has issued traceable liquid packs to over 85% of homes on the Golf Links Estate, W3 as one initiative to reduce burglary in the area.

Traceable liquids are invisible and irremovable and each amount contains a unique traceable code. As such, one of its uses is for property marking, so stolen property can be easily traced back to the rightful owner. The pack includes a pen containing the liquid with instructions for users on how to mark their property.

The primary objective of the initiative is not to trace property after it has been stolen, but to deter burglars from stealing it in the first place. To this end, warning signs have been displayed around the estate and residents have been encouraged to display stickers in windows. As most burglars are now wise to traceable liquids, this will act as the deterrent.

Police Sergeant Andy Summers, East Acton Safer Neighbourhoods Team, said:

“The issuing of traceable liquid packs is another part of our continuing efforts to drive down burglary on the Golf Links Estate. These types of liquids are a fantastic tool which local residents can use to help us in making their neighbourhood a hostile area for burglars to ply their trade. The message we are sending to would-be burglars is clear - if you steal from the estate, the property you take is now probably marked and if you are found in possession of it, you will face conviction”


22nd April 2014


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